10 Best Pillows for Cervical Herniated Disc and Neck Pain


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Having the right pillow helps keep your neck in a supported position with neutral alignment during sleep. Many orthopedic pillows are available, which are specially designed for people with cervical herniated discs. If you are not using the right pillow, your neck will ultimately be stressed, which will worsen the condition. Your sleeping positions are also critical in determining the good kind of pillow for you. Many pillows are available, which is favorable for all types of sleeping positions. We will discuss ten unique pillows for cervical herniated discs in this article. It will help you decide to get the useful one for you.


Comparison Table Of The Best 10 Pillows for Cervical Herniated Disc and Neck Pain

Photo Title Brand Material Price Buy
EPABO Contour Memory...image EPABO CONTOUR MEMORY FOAM PILLOW EPABO Memory foam $43.99 10 Best Pillows for Cervical Herniated Disc and Neck Pain 1
Coop Home Goods...image COOP HOME GOODS PILLOW Coop Home Goods Memory Foam $79.99 10 Best Pillows for Cervical Herniated Disc and Neck Pain 1
UTTU Sandwich Pillow,...image UTTU SANDWICH PILLOW UTTU Clay $46.99 10 Best Pillows for Cervical Herniated Disc and Neck Pain 1
Side Sleeper Pillow...image ZOEY SLEEP SIDE SLEEPER PILLOW Zoey Sleep Memory Foam 10 Best Pillows for Cervical Herniated Disc and Neck Pain 1
IKSTAR Memory-Foam Pillow...image IKSTAR MEMORY-FOAM PILLOW IKSTAR Memory foam $49.99 10 Best Pillows for Cervical Herniated Disc and Neck Pain 1
Nature's Guest Adjustable...image NATURE’S GUEST ADJUSTABLE PILLOW Nature's Guest Cotton Cover, Microfiber Filling $49.99 10 Best Pillows for Cervical Herniated Disc and Neck Pain 1
ZG-Home Memory Foam...image ZG-HOME MEMORY FOAM PILLOW ZG Home Memory foam $35.99 10 Best Pillows for Cervical Herniated Disc and Neck Pain 1
HOKEKI Memory Foam...image HOKEKI MEMORY FOAM PILLOW HOKEKI Memory Foam $39.99 10 Best Pillows for Cervical Herniated Disc and Neck Pain 1
Therapeutica Pillow, Firm...image Therapeutica Pillow, Firm Orthopedic Support Therapeutica Foam $79.62 10 Best Pillows for Cervical Herniated Disc and Neck Pain 1

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Buyer’s Guide:

1.EPABO Contour Memory Foam Pillow

10 Best Pillows for Cervical Herniated Disc and Neck Pain 10



EPABO is an excellent company which is serving a lot of patients with cervical herniated discs. Their primary purpose is to produce high-quality pillows for the people with neck and back pain.


Great for chronic pain

It is a great pillow that counters your body, especially the neck area. Moreover, the pillow is also helping a lot of people with chronic pain.


Ergonomic design

It is a premium and high-quality memory foam pillow with an ergonomic design. It gives you uninterrupted sleep and wakes you up without feeling any pain in the neck.


A curve in the neck

There is a curve in the neck area on the pillow, which is very impressive in relieving you from any pain in the neck or shoulder.



  • Breathable memory foam is present for better air circulation.
  • Gives you a therapeutic relief for all sleepers and neck pain
  • Ergonomic design that correctly supports and aligns your head, neck, and shoulder
  • The polyester used in its manufacturing gives you a soft and silky touch.
  • The material is 100% chemical-free and also comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.


  • Quality material used in construction
  • A luxury sleeping pillow with an ergonomic design
  • Gives you 20% more foam than regular pillows


  • People with a reversed cervical curve should not use this pillow but for others, it is the comfortable cervical pillow.



2.Coop Home Goods Pillow

10 Best Pillows for Cervical Herniated Disc and Neck Pain 11



Eden is also a great brand that is famous for producing adjustable pillows that are luxurious also. Moreover, it is a great cooling pillow with the high-quality memory foam used in its construction.


Available in different sizes

Coop Home Goods is an incredibly adjustable pillow available in different sizes as standard, queen, and king sizes.


High-quality fabric

The pillow is made up of high-quality fabric, which is 40% bamboo. Also, it is made in the USA and machine washable.



  • A perfect adjustable pillow with soft gel-infused memory foam
  • Microfiber fill blend is also present to give you more undisturbed sleep
  • You can add or remove the memory foam to suit the size
  • Made in the USA and has five years of warranty and refund also
  • The high-quality material used in its construction
  • Dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic
  • 100% safe without any type of chemical used in its manufacturing


  • Excellent pillow for people with a cervical herniated disc
  • Cruelty-free and vegan free pillow
  • Dust mite resistant as well as hypoallergenic


  • Some people think that the pillow is soft but it all depends on your preferences.



3.UTTU Sandwich Pillow

10 Best Pillows for Cervical Herniated Disc and Neck Pain 12



UTTU is a good brand that is also famous for Amazon’s good reviews in producing the elastic memory foam pillow. The manufacturers are making a unique cut and layer design that symbolizes the core concept of the brand.


Anti-snoring pillow

Sometimes, when you are not taking proper sleep, it increases your snoring risk, but this pillow is the incredible one as it does not let you snore while sleeping.


Adjustable pillow

It is a fully adjustable pillow where you can adjust the height.


Soft and comfortable

The pillow is so soft and gives you a comfortable sleep because it comprises high-quality premium memory foam.



  • Pillow can be used for different sleeping postures like backside sleeping and stomach sleeping
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning care
  • made up of 60% polyester and 40% Bamboo
  • A soft and silky pillow that does not get hard in cold weather
  • Give you a great comfort and pressure relief to your head and neck
  • Made with UTTU dynamic foam


  • Comes with everlasting softness
  • Gives your zero pressure sleep
  • The fabric of the pillow has more moisture absorbing capacity.


  • It takes 2 to 3 nights getting use to the pillow.



4.Zoey Sleep Side Sleeper Pillow

10 Best Pillows for Cervical Herniated Disc and Neck Pain 13



ZOEY is the manufacturer of one of the most famous and popular cervical spine pillows. It is struggling a lot in giving you a quality life with quality sleeping. The brand is producing highly adjustable pillows for patients with cervical herniated discs. It not only reduces neck pain but also reduces back pain.


Supportive design

These pillows come with an innovative, supportive design that gives you a soft touch and comes with adjustable memory foam.


Relief from neck pain

You can quickly relieve yourself from neck pain in a short time because of these high-quality pillows. You can also get rid of other problems such as waist, hip, and back pain.


Fit for all types of sleepers

It is a modern pillow specially designed for all types of sleepers, such as side sleepers, stomach slippers, and back slippers.



  • 100% toxin-free and can be fit for the entire family
  • Manufacturers give you a hundred-night sleep trial
  • According to your sleep preferences, it is fully adjustable
  • Comes with a unique curve design for proper body alignment
  • Gives you great comfort to your shoulders and neck
  • Improve your sleep as well as gives you relief from the neck pain


  • Fully adjustable to suit all sleeping types
  • Give your great neck and shoulder support.
  • Hypoallergenic with great proprietary memory foam blend


  • Pillow is a bit heavy but still satisfy you in terms of comfort.



5.IKSTAR Memory-Foam Pillow10 Best Pillows for Cervical Herniated Disc and Neck Pain 14


IKSTAR is a great company in producing the high-quality pillows. The product is famous on Amazon because of positive views and ratings. This pillow is an entry-level model and offers all the advantages of a cervical spine pillow.The pillows produced by this manufacturing company are favorable for side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers.


Eliminate sleeping pain

If you are tired of having neck pain and back pain for a longer time, you can quickly get rid of it because of this innovative pillow.


A Great Orthopaedic pillow

You will have a relaxed and comfortable sleep because it is an orthopedic pillow specially designed for people with neck and back pain.


Machine washable

For the convenience of the people, the pillow is machine washable. All you have to do is to unzip the luxurious outer cover and wash it to be used again.



  • A great memory foam pillow with an ergonomic design
  • The Centre of the pillow is hollow to give support to the head and neck.
  • Can also give you relief from back pain along with neck pain while sleeping
  • Comes with a unique shape and design and is a complementary orthopedic sleeping pillow
  • Perfect for optimizing the spinal alignment


  • A grade cervical pillow
  • Ergonomic and chemical-free
  • Comfortable and supportive pillow for people having neck pain


  • The pillow is a little bit thicker, but you can add or remove the filling according to your choice.



6.Nature’s Guest Adjustable Pillow

10 Best Pillows for Cervical Herniated Disc and Neck Pain 15


The brand Nature’s Guest is producing adjustable cervical pillows for neck pain that are also doctors recommended. It is a cervical support pillow design recommended by both the orthopedic and chiropractic doctors.


Help in relieving pressure point

This pillow is helpful in relieving pressure points, especially for the people who have neck pain and improving the blood circulation to get the proper sleep.


Special breathable pillow

It is a unique breathable pillow with which all the heat is dissipated to give you cold and fresh air while sleeping.


High-quality materials

Now you will have a sound sleep because there is a high-quality material used in its manufacturing. It is made up of polyurethane memory foam that does not cause respiratory problems or skin irritation.



  • They are specially designed for cervical herniated disc patients.
  • So much helpful in reducing neck pain and providing optimal cervical support.
  • Gives you a great neck, head, and spine alignment
  • Ideal for back sleepers and has an ergonomic cervical neck pillow design.
  • Equipped with dual zipper design for easy filling
  • Hypoallergenic and premium quality pillow


  • Fully adjustable with dual zipper design
  • Hundred percent cotton cover
  • Extra neck and Shoulder support with microfiber Filling


  • An expensive pillow



7.ZG-Home Memory Foam Pillow

10 Best Pillows for Cervical Herniated Disc and Neck Pain 16



ZG-Home memory pillow is specially designed to reduce the pain and give you the extra comfort you want while sleeping. It has a therapeutic design that adapts to your neck, shoulders, and head. This pillow is very popular with Amazon users, who praise both the workmanship and the sleep experience without tension.


Relieve neck and back pain

It is a high-quality modern pillow which is very helpful in relieving neck and back pain. It is also useful for people with back injuries.


Fully adjustable pillow

The memory foam present in this pillow gives your maximum support and comfort, so you can adjust it according to your convenience.


Gives you a sound sleep

The pillow has a perfect counter with which you can align your neck and back quickly. Thus you will get a better and satisfying sleep ever.



  • Made up of upgraded memory foam
  • Gives you consistent firmness and comfortable softness
  • Pressure relief ergonomic design to promote proper spine alignment
  • Relax your muscles as well as give you a sound sleep
  • Also helpful in relieving snoring and orthopedic pain
  • Do not contain any harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, mercury, or lead.
  • Odor-free, 30 days refund as well as five years guarantee.


  • Helps in improving back pain and neck pain
  • Also improves snoring while sleeping.
  • Shoulder pain is also removed while using this pillow.


  • It needs some adjustment period.



8.HOKEKI Memory Foam Pillow

10 Best Pillows for Cervical Herniated Disc and Neck Pain 17



Now you can have a more comfortable night while sleeping with a HOKEKI counter pillow as HOKEKI is serving many patients with neck and back pain. It is made of superior memory foam that also improves your sleeping.  The product receives mostly positive feedback from the users, critical voices are an exception. The customer reviews focus on the pleasant feeling of lying down and the decent workmanship.


Ergonomic design

Now you can easily maintain the original curve of your neck with the help of this unique pillow. It has an ergonomic design that helps you support your neck properly.


Breathable pillowcase

The pillowcase is of high quality as it is made up of durable and breathable fabric to give you a better Tactile impression.


Low rebound memory foam

This pillow’s low rebound memory foam does not contain any harmful ingredients that cause skin irritation or other kinds of allergies.



  • Ergonomic and comfortable design for cervical herniated disc problems
  • Memory foam pillow which is soft and skin-friendly
  • Reduce snoring by giving you proper sleeping
  • Unique butterfly-shaped pillow for back and side sleepers
  • Washable pillow cover with removable zippered pillowcase


  • Premium memory foam pillar design
  • Breathable pillowcase as well as chemical-free
  • Machine washable and super elastic pillow


  • The support on the neck area could be more improved.



 9.Therapeutica Pillow

10 Best Pillows for Cervical Herniated Disc and Neck Pain 18



Therapeutica sleeping pillows are producing an everlasting orthopaedic pillow, which is non-allergic and serves a lot of people with a cervical herniated disc problem. Moreover, it gives you firm support while sleeping. The feedback from buyers on this model is mostly enthusiastic. In addition to the excellent workmanship, users emphasize the pleasant sleeping climate and the high level of sleeping comfort without tension and pain.


Standard cervical spine pillow

It is a high-quality, comfortable pillow that gives relief to your neck and shoulders while sleeping.


Relieve neck pain

If you have a problem with cervical herniated discs, then you can use this pillow as it is very helpful in relieving neck pain.


Non-toxic molded foam

It is an entirely non-toxic pillow made up of high quality molded foam, increasing the air circulation.



  • Ergonomic and comes with a zipper pillow cover.
  • Made from non-toxic molded foam Non-allergic material
  • Fully adjustable pillow to avoid any neck pain or back pain
  • Helpful in restoring the natural curve of the neck as it is an Orthopaedic pillow


  • Provide head support and comfort
  • Can also accommodate shoulder height
  • It also improves sleeping time.


  • Expensive pillow



10.Core Products Tri-Core Pillow

10 Best Pillows for Cervical Herniated Disc and Neck Pain 19



Core products are proud to give you a tri-core and fiber cervical support pillow. It is an easily adjustable pillow. First and foremost, consumers praise the very good pressure relief and the innovative cooling pads. However, if you are feeling any difficulty using it, you can contact your health care professional.


Relieving headache and neck pain

It is an Orthopaedic pillow that gives you the proper alignment of the neck while sleeping. Thus it is beneficial in alleviating headaches and neck pain.


Many therapeutic benefits

The pillow is beneficial in restoring the neck’s natural curve, where you can adjust the height of the pillow. So it has many therapeutic benefits to lessen neck pain.



It is a non-allergenic pillow as it contains 100% virgin polyester fiber. The cover of the pillow is made up of 100% polyester and carbon blend.



  • Give you great therapeutic relief for all sleepers as well as neck pain patients
  • Helpful in keeping you comfortable and relaxed while sleeping
  • Comes with a great ergonomics proven counter design
  • gives you an outstanding level of comfort whether you are a stomach sleeper, side sleeper, or back sleeper
  • Breathable memory foam
  • Chemical-free material


  • Breathable cotton cover
  • Comes with three size options
  • Children’s size is also available.
  • Innovative design


  • Short lifespan



Frequently Asked Questions


How do you sleep with a cervical herniated disc? 

A cervical herniated disc is a severe problem for many people. If you are still going through it, you can place a pillow under your knees and lower back to comfort you. It will keep your spine flat. It is recommended to avoid the use of too many pillows.


What is the appropriate pillow for bulging discs in the neck? 

There are many orthopedic pillows for people having the problem of bulging discs in the neck. However, an excellent memory foam pillow is the right choice for back sleepers. Moreover, it will keep your spine straight and allow your head to rest in a lower position.


Are cervical pillows effective? 

Yes, cervical pillows are specially designed for people with cervical herniated discs and help relieve neck pain. Ensure that the pillow you are using is of a renowned brand, of high quality, and reliable.



Finding the right pillow usually depends on a variety of factors such as weight, sleep, temperature, sleeping position, as well as the anatomy of your neck and shoulder area. You just have to make sure that the pillow you are using is a good match for the sleeping position and your anatomy.

In this article, I have presented the ten pillows for cervical herniated discs from which you can choose accordingly. These pillows are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, as well as materials from which you can choose them according to your choice and convenience.

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